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Hi, I’m Jenny, I haven't always had good health, in fact my health was terrible for years.

I was drawn to natural health after living with poor health for many years. In my early 20's I was diagnosed with an autoimmune arthritic condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was in pain every day, at times the pain would be so bad I would blackout. In hindsight I put up with years of unnecessary excruciating pain, digestive issues, fatigue and low moods. If only I’d known better, but in those days I never understood the power of food.

My health dramatically changed when I learnt about the affect eating the WRONG FOOD can have on your health. The wrong foods for my body included some obvious processed foods, but I also had some common food intolerances. Once I removed these foods from my diet, my symptoms started to reduce and some disappeared.

In fact, the changes I experienced by taking a natural approach to improving my health had such a dramatic effect on me I decided I wanted to learn more about natural health. I read extensively on natural health but that wasn’t enough, I decided I wanted to study to become a naturopath so I could learn even more about natural health. I wanted to help others avoid the experiences that I had suffered from for years with poor health.

I still get some pain now and then but compared to the way my health used to be it really is a total HEALTH TRANSFORMATION.

I really take care to look after myself now I have regained my health. I NEVER WANT TO GO BACK TO THE WAY I USED TO FEEL.

I look after myself by eating healthy foods (and no I'm not perfect, I like a treat every now and then, but its's all about balance - right?). I keep my food intolerances out of my diet (eating them only on occasions), keep my stress levels low and I take supplements to make sure I am getting enough vitamins and minerals as I know how important these are. I also exercise regularly.

It’s taken me years to slowly make changes to my lifestyle BUT as I put into practice what I have learned it all starts to add up; each year I feel better and better.

I feel so grateful that I have such great health now. My passion for natural health just keeps growing, I love learning and love to share my knowledge with others, with my clients in clinic and with other natural health lovers online. My mission is to empower and inspire others to learn and make positive changes to their lifestyle so they too can learn how to restore their health naturally and live with great health!!

Jenny xx

About Jenny Page Image PhotoNaomiJorge_0
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  • I live in Hamilton New Zealand with my two fabulous teenage boys and wonderful husband

  • We have the loveliest dog in the world called Echo, she is a golden Labrador and is a retired breeding dog from Assistance Dogs New Zealand

  • I have an addiction to natural health books

  • I love eating food that is tasty, healthy and visually appealing

  • I love time to myself to read and walking in nature

  • I love the sun and natural light

  • I am the founder of The Naturopathic Clinic where I see a limited number of clients on a one on one basis

  • I used to be an accountant but retrained as a Naturopath (THANK GOODNESS) after experiencing the immense benefits of natural health. And I wanted to help others too!!!

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Why I started New Me Naturally!

I started New Me Naturally to share with you the amazing changes that can result from a natural approach to your health. It’s about restoring your health to create a NEW YOU using a natural approach, making you feel great through removing food intolerances, eating nutritious food and living a healthy, natural lifestyle.

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I got tired of trying to figure out

what was causing my poor health too!

A note from Jenny...

I know what it's like, I read so much confusing information and tried so many different things to improve my health, but nothing worked.

I totally underestimated how much my health could be negatively impacted by eating the wrong foods for my body.

I wish I'd known this information sooner as it would have saved me years of suffering!!

I hope this information can really help you too - Jenny xx.

Download your free copy of "The 10 Essentials You Should Know About Food Intolerances" click the button below:

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