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The Key Nutrients You MUST Have for Optimal Health

Minerals are absolutely key for good health and yet it is so common to be deficient in them. You could be putting yourself at risk of developing certain diseases and health conditions because you are low in particular minerals - such as magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium and iodine.

For example selenium is very low in New Zealand and Australian soils and therefore many people are deficient in selenium. Selenium is an essential mineral for many functions in the body, including thyroid function – a sluggish thyroid can cause you to feel tired, gain weight and feel the cold. Selenium is also needed for healthy heart function and there are a number of cancers that are related to selenium deficiency.

Find out more about the symptoms of mineral deficiencies, what diseases you may be putting yourself at risk of and what might be causing you to be low in these minerals in the video.


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