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Get your health back on track with the
New Me Naturally Membership

a monthly online membership where you'll learn
how to use food, nutrients and natural health methods
to transform your health 
with Jenny Barker – Naturopath

How would it feel if you had a Naturopath
who you can regularly tap into, to get
personalised health advise on the next step you should take to improve your health? 

It would be great, right?
But right now you…
are experiencing some health issues and need some extra support. You may have headaches, migraines, bloating, sore stomach, hormones issues, fatigue, brain fog, IBS or some other health issues.

are feeling tired, you've put on weight, you don't know if it's your hormones affecting you and you've had no luck at the doctor - they said all your bloods were normal. 

… are confused after visiting Dr Google. You don’t know what you should be eating and you don’t even know if the supplements you’re taking are even helping.

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You can totally do this with

the right help

Too often when we try and figure these things out ourselves, life gets busy or it all becomes too hard and without a clear plan and support, we feel frustrated and give up.

What if you could fast track your health improvements by having access to a qualified Naturopath who has years of training and experience in this area, who you can ask your most pressing health questions to every few weeks?

Someone who can help guide you on how to figure out which foods your body feels best on and which ones to avoid or minimise.

Someone who can tell you which are the best brands of supplements for you to be taking so you get the best results and best value for money. You'll know exactly what doses you should be taking to get the results you desire, (sometimes you need quite high doses initially to get results!).

And what if you feel like you have a fairly good idea about what you should be doing to get your health back on track BUT you lack the motivation and another year has ticked by and you're still in the same place with your health.

AND you want an option that is affordable and fits your budget.

It's not really about getting rid of your symptoms.


It’s about having great health so you can live the life you choose. Whether it’s having more energy, loosing weight so you feel confident in yourself, being able to walk without pain, having the motivation and energy to exercise or even do housework. Just being able to do the stuff you choose without having to consider your health!

The New Me Naturally - Membership 

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With this monthly online membership you can get personalised expert advice every few weeks on the group Zoom calls. 


Get all your health questions answered, how do you work out if you have Food Intolerances? Which would be best supplements for you to take? What should you do to help balance your hormones? What blood tests should you get done and how do you know if they are in the healthy range? What food should you be eating? Whatever your question is, you'll have the support to move forward with your health.


You can learn through the monthly trainings there will be a different topic each month, topics like balancing your hormones, weight loss, how to improve your energy, decreasing your pain or ask for training on a topic you are interested in.

With the New Me Naturally Membership you'll get personal advise and accountability so you know exactly what the next step is you need to take on your health journey.

You'll also have free access to the New Me Naturally 6 week Health Reset Program (normal price $347) plus loads of other tools, worksheets, PDF's and videos to empower you to take control of your health.

Jenny Barker Qualifications:

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If you've ever wished for...

Regular access to a qualified Naturopath to ask your questions to, so you know the next step to take to improve your health.

The ability to assess you own blood test results so you can make sure they are within the "healthy range" not just within the doctors normal range.

Increased knowledge so you can take care of you own health.

Access to quality, effective, practitioner only supplements.

All for just a small monthly cost of $57

... then the New Me Naturally Membership is for you.

Hi there, I'm Jenny, I'm a Naturopath 

I was led down the natural health path…

  • After getting frustrated and fed up with the medical system where my health only continued to deteriorate despite the medication.

  • I was forced to have a mindset shift from expecting to take a pill and things would all be fixed to instead having to accept I had to take responsibility for my own health and do the work.

  • This is what led me to discover that one of the key triggers to my poor health was the food I was eating (and I thought I ate a pretty normal diet).

After experiencing so many improvements in my health through changing my diet and taking supplements

  • I retrained from being a frustrated Accountant (I wanted to help people live a better life) to a Naturopath.

  • I've now helped hundreds of people transform their health through dietary changes, helping them remove their Food Intolerances and through supplementing their diet with key nutrients.

It’s so nice to meet you.

Jenny xx


What’s Inside the
New Me Naturally - Membership


Ask me anything with me, Jenny Barker, Qualified Naturopath. This is where you get the opportunity to ask your questions about your health issues so that you know exactly what your next step is to improve your health.

This is a group online Zoom call where you can ask any of your health related questions.

Group Coaching calls on Zoom - 2 per month

Get inspired & motivated with our monthly training, there will be a different topic each month. This could be a session where I’ll teach you about hormones, weight loss, peri-menopause, gut health or we may do an online cooking session. I’d love your input on what you'd like to learn about.

Monthly Training
Blood Test.png

Make sure your results are within a “healthy range” not just within the doctor’s normal range.


Enter your current results from your doctor into the spreadsheet and see if you are within the "healthy range" and if not, learn what you need to do to get your health back on track.


You'll also learn exactly which blood tests you should be getting done and how often you should be doing them. 


I'll also share with you how you can get the tests done yourself without going to your doctor. 

Blood Test Analysis Worksheet
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Yes while you’re a member you’ll get free access to the very successful, Health Reset Program,  a 6 week program to discover which foods are affecting your health. Many people have experienced great health improvements from this program (normal value is $347).

Access to 6 week online Health Reset Program

We know for sure, when you are accountable to someone else you achieve greater results.


Jump on the group Zoom calls and update me on where your are at, what improvements have you noticed along with any struggles you are having and we'll work out your next step for the following couple of weeks. I'm here to keep you accountable so you are motivated to take the next steps to achieve your health goals.

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Access to our Health Tool Box

There's a whole toolbox inside of PDFs, worksheets, recipes and videos to support you on your health journey. These include: Goal Setting Worksheet, 30 Minute Magic Morning to get you motivated, Simple Symptom Tracker, PDF's on Blood Sugar Balancing, The Good Fats & the Bad Fats, Food Diary worksheet, Eating Gluten Free, Dairy Free Handout, The Importance of Fibre, Relaxation, Stress, Sleep Support, Mindful Eating and over 40 Food Intolerance friendly recipes.

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As part of your membership, you will have access to practitioner only supplements. Taking good quality supplements at the right dose can make a huge difference to your results.

Access to Practitioner Only Supplements

Who is the New Me Naturally Membership for?


Current clients who want to move across to a more affordable group call option.

Past clients who want to get their health back on track, they want direction, motivation and accountability so they can feel great again.

Anyone who is interested in learning how to improve their health naturally (even if you haven’t been a client before).

Anyone who is confused about what supplements to take, what are the good brands? What doses should you be taking? Or what are the most important supplement that YOU should be taking – there are soooo many out there. Are you just throwing your money away?

Anyone who thinks they might have food intolerances and wants to figure out which foods to avoid.​

If you’re not sure if it’s for you let’s chat, email me and we’ll set up a free 15 minute chat so we can figure out if the New Me Naturally Membership can benefit you, email

Who is the New Me Naturally Membership NOT for?


People who want a one on one consultation.

People that are not happy to share in a group setting and are not wanting to learn from others.

New Me Naturally Health Reset Program

The Heath Reset Program is Free to all New Me Naturally Membership members

(normally $347 when purchased separately)

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Sandie's health has transformed
with the Health Reset program

Sandie wasn't sure if she should do the program but she decided to go ahead. She had put up with years of headaches, constipation, bloating and feeling lethargic.

She said she had an amazing 6 weeks, it was a journey into feeling so much better.

_Sandie FB Testimonial 1.png

Less bloating, sleeping better, lots more energy, brain fog gone...

Testimonials Text.png

Lysa's knee pain disappeared, she has lots more energy & she sleeps better

"I have way more energy and sleep far better. I now have no pain in my knees which had been aching for about 2 years. I loved the program. I was a size 16, I'm now a 12/14 and feeling so much more revitalised and energised. I'm totally amazed at the transformation! Lysa 

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I haven't always had good health, in fact my health was terrible for years.

I was drawn to natural health after living with poor health for many years. In my early 20's I was diagnosed with an autoimmune arthritic condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was in pain every day, at times the pain would be so bad I would blackout. In hindsight I put up with years of unnecessary excruciating pain, digestive issues, fatigue and low moods. If only I’d known better, but in those days I never understood the power of food.

My health dramatically changed when I learnt about the affect eating the WRONG FOOD can have on your health. The wrong foods for my body included some obvious processed foods, but I also had some common food intolerances. Once I removed these foods from my diet, my symptoms started to reduce and many disappeared.

In fact, the changes I experienced by taking a natural approach to improving my health had such a dramatic effect on me I decided I wanted to learn more about natural health. I read extensively on natural health but that wasn’t enough, I decided I wanted to study to become a naturopath so I could learn even more about natural health. I wanted to help others avoid the experiences that I had suffered from for years with poor health.

I still get a little pain every now and then but compared to the way my health used to be it really is a total health transformation.

I really take care to look after myself now I have regained my health. I never want to go back to the way I used to feel.

I look after myself by eating healthy foods (and no I'm not perfect, I like a treat every now and then, but its's all about balance - right? ). I keep my food intolerances out of my diet (eating them only on occasions), keep my stress levels low and I take supplements to make sure I am getting enough vitamins and minerals as I know how important these are. I also exercise regularly.

It’s taken me years to figure everything out, but as I put into practice what I have learned it all starts to add up; each year I feel better and better.

I feel so grateful that I have such great health now. My passion for natural health just keeps growing, I love learning and love to share my knowledge with others, with my clients in clinic and with other natural health lovers online. My mission is to empower and inspire others to learn and make positive changes to their lifestyle so they too can learn how to restore their health naturally and live their life as they choose!!

Jenny xx

Monthly Membership

$57 NZD per month

Payment Section

The New Me Naturally Membership

is a place where you can get support & get your questions answered so you can get your health back on track.

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